UV Antibacterial LED Light with Air-Flow Filtration

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Newly Designed Air-circulating LED Panel Light with Antiseptic and Anti-virus Nanometer Material

• Silver ion reacts with hydrogen sulfide ion in bacteria and inhibits its reproduction
• Produces superoxide free radicals and breaks down the bacteria
• Material surface has an electric charge that pulls the membranes of bacteria, causing rupture, killing the bacteria


Product Features

• Cleaning and Freshening air
• Automatically kills bacteria and viruses in the air
• Reduces floating particles in the air
• Eliminating the TOVC concentration in air
• Space Saving Design
• 130LM/W Light Output
• Input voltage: 120V
• High-tech optical design
• Widely used for ambient lighting applications
• Ambient operating temperature: -20ºC to 50ºC
• THD: <20%
• Power factor > 0.95
• LED chip lifetime, L70 >100,000 hours @ 25ºC