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R17d Rotating Ends T8 LED 8ft 144w 21,888 Lumen CLEAR LENS (NO RF) Quad-Row V-Series

R17d Rotating Ends T8 LED 8ft 144w 21,888 Lumen CLEAR LENS (NO RF) Quad-Row V-Series

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Our replacement lights have our proprietary NO RF driver system delivering 24vDC to the Cree SMD's to create a very high 90CRI to create a very white light output.  So very comparable to a standard 70CRI 5000K (Cold) type output, but much better for your eyes without the blue hue - These are ballast by-pass using a 100-277vAC internal driver - Our R17d (Dual Contact) HO pins are also rotatable, assuring they will work correctly with all brands and configurations of tombstone sockets. Our most popular models are the 8ft 72w V-Series Clear Lens model at 10,944 lumen output, the brightest lamp on the market is our 8ft 144w V-Series Clear Lens model at 21,888 lumens, and the Frosted Lens 144w model at 17,654 lumens

This is our newest High Output Integrated Series product.  This model features a Quad-Row LED configuration using 144 watts for and astounding 21,888 lumens of throw at 270 degrees. Rotating Ends insures compatibility with any R17d Socket

Great for 14-18' ceilings or where you want a lot of light

 - - These lights are very bright and are not recommended for low mounting heights

- Instant On in cold conditions, like coolers, meat prep, garages, pole barns, etc.

- The New innovative design includes R17d Dual Contact Mount and Quad-Row 270 Degree Projection.  Looks and performs as a high end, Commercial/Industrial LED product should.  Use in work shops, utility sheds, utility and laundry rooms, etc.   

- Our Quad-Row Series lights provide excellent lumen projection, using few watts, and are designed to replace inefficient High Output fluorescent/magnetic ballast systems using multiple lamps. 

- Easy to install, offering R17d Dual Contact, 85-265v AC Direct Wire Ballast By-Pass Installation.


NO RF SERIES -- This product has a RF filtering system within the driver in each unit.  RF interference is a fairly common problem in high output linear lighting, due to "RF Noise" in the AC line feeding the light.  This problem creates "static" in radio reception as well as garage opener remote control performance issue.  


- T8 8' R17d Dual Contact w/Swivel Ends
- 144 Watt
- Cree LED's
- 21,888 Lumens Clear Cover
- 85-277vAC Grounded Driver
- 152 Lumens Per Watt - High Efficacy System with Superior Driver Technology
- 5500-6000K White is standard, other Kelvin may be available by special order
- Certification: UL Listed 
- 85+ CRI
- Instant Start In Cold Conditions
- No Flicker or Hum
- Aluminum/Polycarbonate Construction
- 12 Year Simple Exchange Warranty based on LM79 Rated 80,000 Hours 




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