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Hanging Solar Panel Bulb

Hanging Solar Panel Bulb

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Hanging Solar Bulb with Solar Panel

Great for off-grid applications, camping, etc.

Portable LED Bulb Light S-1200 15W 130lm Solar Energy Lamp Charged Useful  

Solar Camping Lamp Home Outdoor Lighting 

Product Specification: 

Type: Solar Energy Saving Bulb

Output Power: 1.5W

Luminous Flux: 110LM (Equivalent to a 15W incandescent lamp)

Total Emitters: 12

CCT/Wavelength: 5500-6500K

Voltage(V): DC 5V

Capacity of lithium battery: 800mah/3.7V

Charging time (by solar panel): 5h

Using time: 4h

Lifespan: 50000hrs

Sheathing Material: Plastic


Bulb Size:65*65*110mm


The solar lamp relies on clean, endless and environmentally friendly solar energy as a source of energy.

The system is mainly composed of solar panel, light source and battery.

The lampshade is made of PVC and has strong heat dissipation and high temperature resistance.

The solar shed light can be charged by solar panel as well as a 5-8V charger.

A: under sunny conditions, put the solar panel in the sun, insert the connection line into the connection hole of the bulb,indicating that the light is on and is being charged.

B: connect a data line to the connection holes of the5-8Vcharger and the bulb,indicating that the light is on and is being charged.

C: in the evening, you can use a light bulb that is full charge.



Package List:

1 x Chargeable Bulb

1 x 1w/6v Solar Panel

1 x 3.5Meter Connecting Line


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