LED RETROFIT LIGHTING - WEDGE TYPE UP (E39, E40 Socket Mount) - HPS, M – Omni-Ray Lighting, Inc.

LED RETROFIT LIGHTING - WEDGE TYPE UP (E39, E40 Socket Mount) - HPS, MH, HID REPLACEMENT 5000K - 8 Year Exchange Warranty

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Ideal Replacement
CFL, HID, MH & HPS Lamps in existing Fixtures  DOWN GLOBES

Compact Size
Easily installed into Standard Fixtures. Easy Installation & Retrofitting. Simply bypass Ballast and Screw-in.

Beam Angle
360°Illumination with high Lumen Efficacy of 130 Lm/w – perfect for High Bays,Shoe Box, Street and Roadway Lighting applications.

Flexible Mounting
Can be Mounted with Base Up, Down or Sideways.

Ultra-Long Design Life
Up to 60,000 hours Up to 14 years at an on-time of 12 hrs./day or up to 17 years at on-time of 10 hrs./day. (Depending upon the ambient temperature of the installation location.

High-Shock and High-Vibration Resistant

No Moving Parts
Quality built means this bulb requires no active cooling fan. Bulbs with fans are at risk of burning out if the fan stops working or if bugs get inside.

Instant Start & Restart
No warm up time required even in Extreme Cold.

Instant On and Flicker-Free
No restrike time or waiting for 10-20 minutes for the lights to turn back on like HID’s.

Enhances Vision
Zero Dark Spots for greater Visibility & Safety No Noise or RF Interference.
No UV Emissions/Does Not attract Insects. Radiation/Emissions-Free
No Harmful IR, No RFI/EMI/HD Fully Encapsulated with Heat and Impact Resistant, UV Protected, Non-yellowing, Optical grade PC Lens.

Wide Operating Temperature Range
-22°F to +104°F [-30°C to +40°C] Patented TechnologyDelivers Maximum,
Lifetime Energy Savings Ideal for use with Renewable Energy: Solar &
Wind Power Eliminates the hassle of repeated relamping Shortest
Payback Period and High ROI Longer Life = Increased Sustainability +