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(25-PACK) Fa8 Single Pin T8 LED 8ft 40w 5000K FROSTED LENS "ENERGY MISER"

(25-PACK) Fa8 Single Pin T8 LED 8ft 40w 5000K FROSTED LENS "ENERGY MISER"

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Our "ENERGY MISER" replacement lights have high lumens using little wattage where maintaining current light output using the Frosted Lens, or increasing light output by 15-20% using a Clear Lens over your current Fluorescent System, saves you the maximum amount of energy. 
This product is also ETL Listed, qualifying for most rebate programs

** This product is a Ballast By-Pass System, so there is no buzz-hum or additional 7-14 watts to run the ballast. This system also provides Instant On in cold conditions, and is dust and moisture resistant.

We use the highest quality Cree 2835 SMD LED and High PF Driver System. Cheaper brands use off brand and smaller, lower Lumen, SMD Chips, and Drivers that only have the bare minimum components to function making them much smaller, less durable, and less efficient.  (Efficacy Rate)


NO RF SERIES -- This product has a RF filtering system within the driver in each unit.  RF interference is a fairly common problem in high output linear lighting, due to "RF Noise" in the AC line feeding the light.  This problem creates "static" in radio reception as well as garage opener remote control performance issue.  


Type: T8 


Power: 40W 

LED Chip: SMD 2835 

Length: 2.4M (8')

LED Chip Brand: Cree 

Is ballast Used: No 

Certification: ETL

Color Temperature: DAYLIGHT 5000K

Warranty: 12 year Exchange Warranty

Average Life (hrs) lm79: 80000 

Voltage: AC 85-265V (Direct Wire Ballast By-Pass)


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