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CASE QUANTITY SALE! (25 UNITS) Linkable LED T8 8ft 72w 10,944 Lumen Clear Lens (NO RF) V-Series w/Mounting Hardware

CASE QUANTITY SALE! (25 UNITS) Linkable LED T8 8ft 72w 10,944 Lumen Clear Lens (NO RF) V-Series w/Mounting Hardware

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We recommend 8 or more Lumens Per Cubic Foot for efficient lighting.

Length x Width x Height x 8 = Minimum recommended Lumens

** Divide that total lumen by the lamp of your choice lumen output, and this will give you your lamp count needed for that product in your area +-5%

Calculator for the Bulbs Needed to Properly Illuminate Your Shop



EXAMPLE: 40'W x 60'L x 12'H = 28,800 cu. ft. x 8 = 230,400 Divided by (72w 8' V-Series 10,944 lumens) 21.05 lamps - Our contractors typically use 3 rows of 7 in this space running one down the center, and the 2 outside rows 8' off the side walls.

NO RF SERIES -- This product has a RF filtering system within the driver in each unit.  RF interference is a fairly common problem in high output linear lighting, due to "RF Noise" in the AC line feeding the light.  This problem creates "static" in radio reception as well as garage opener remote control performance issue.  

- - These lights are very bright, using a fraction of the wattage that low end LED products use.

- Designed for lighting in continuous rows (See Lighting Chart), for less than Retail/Production Level Lighting, space between lamps (Link Cords from 1'-6.5' in the Lighting Accessories Section)

- They work great in cold conditions, like coolers, meat prep, garages, pole barns, etc.

- The New innovative design includes Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware, looks and performs as a high end, commercial/industrial LED product should in work shops, utility sheds, utility and laundry rooms, etc.   

- Our V-Profile Series lights provide excellent 270 Degree lumen projection, using few watts, and are designed to replace inefficient High Output fluorescent/magnetic ballast systems using 2 HO lamps. 

- Easy to install, offering end to end, continuous run installation, up to 4 in the run.

T8 Integrated With Mounting Hardware
8 Foot 72 Watt 10,944 Lumens
Cree LED's
85-265V Constant Current Grounded Driver
152 Lumens Per Watt - High Efficacy System with Superior Driver Technology
5500-6500K (WHITE) is standard, other Kelvin available by special order
Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware Included
Direct Wire Cord (Whip)
Linking Plug for Daisy Chaining up to 4 Units (1-6.5 Foot Linking Cords Available look in our accessories section, 3-Prong Cords also available)
Socket Cap
Industrial/Commercial Grade 
Interlinking for continuous runs of up to 4 (5,6,8') - 6 (2,3,4') units
85+ CRI
Instant Start In Cold Conditions
No Flicker or Hum
Aluminum/Polycarbonate Construction
12 Year Warranty






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