Canopy Lighting - 27w, 40w, 60w - Dark Bronze - 15 Year Warranty - DLC – Omni-Ray Lighting, Inc.

Canopy Lighting - 27w, 40w, 60w - Dark Bronze - 15 Year Warranty - DLC Listed - 5000K

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• Suitable for Ceiling Mount.
• Ideal for Harsh Environment Applications.
• Up to 140 lumens per watt for maximum energy savings.
• Non-Dimmable 120-277VAC
• Excellent light distribution and uniformity.
• Stainless Steel Clips.
• 80,000 hours working time Commercial Warranted.
• Ideal for high moisture areas subject to the possibility of abuse.
• Built-in Constant Current High Efficiency Meanwell LED Driver with High Efficient SMD 3030 1.5W Philips LumiLED Module.
• DLC Listed qualifying for most U.S. rebate programs

1. This product is a special design and development for gas station canopy, parking garages, soffit/entrance lighting.
2. Excellent heat dissipation, shell is aluminum ADC12,
Fins design and convective holes which can be not be seen from outside,
make the fixture not only beautiful but useful.
3. Patent design:110°Reflection cup; Scientific and rational light distribution design contributes to excellent effect on glare protection, and improves the lighting environment.
4. It complies with UL certification, safe and reliable.