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RGBW Light Strip 16.4 Foot - Smart Phone and Voice Command Device Compatible

RGBW Light Strip 16.4 Foot - Smart Phone and Voice Command Device Compatible

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16.4 ft 24V 12mm IP20 WiFi light strip is support Android 4.3 or above/ IOS 7.0 or above.

Smart WiFi Light Strips are easy to install. Just peel the 3M self-adhesive backing sheet off the strip and adhere the strip to any flat dry surface. Download the free "Magic Home Pro" app and you have the next generation light strip at your fingertips.


Product Features:

DIY Infinite Possibilities 
Wish you had more control over your lighting? With the Omni-Ray Lighting WiFi smart light strips you can. Smartphone controlled with a color palette of 16 million colors plus white, you can now personalize your lighting to suit your needs. Perfect for under cabinet lighting or behind the TV accent lighting or bedrooms. And every color is dimmable.

Smart Home
Smartphone Controlled - Take control of your lighting from your Smartphone or Tablet. The app allows you to control all your light strips from one app. Control them individually or as a group. No controllers or hubs needed.

The app for the LED Light Strips allows you to add multiple light sets to a group and control them together creating a unified color show.

Control each one individually or group them into different groups to control simultaneously (up to 5 per each group).

Schedule Actions
Schedule your light strip to turn on or off at specific time. Wake up to vibrant colors or come home to a bright and well lit home. Have your lights dim or turn off automatically during movie time to set up the right ambiance.

Note: The timer will not function when "you physically power OFF the device", Please start app to synchronize time.

There are 20 modes to change the color automatically, (1. Seven color cross fade 2. Red gradual change 3. Green gradual change etc) It is suitable for your garden or the wall outside the house. Because you can control the Color and Speed to show it.

However, if you don't know what mode is suitable for your house, you can use "scene function" to select the atmosphere you desire. Also you can take a new scene and then the app will change the color and brightness based on it.

Works with Alexa, Google, Smart Phone, Genie, Rokid and others
Kids and parents also can control the light through Alexa and others, even though they don't have a cell phone.




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