T8 4' Tube External Driver (UL C) Premium High Output System (10 SETS) (13-18-22 Watt) (1,2,3,4 Lamp System) - 15 Year Simple Exchange Warranty

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** Pricing reflects "10 SETS" of the the chosen system.  Systems with 0.01 pricing are not available.

 This is one of the highest quality T8 Tube Systems available today.  Omni-Ray Lighting's T8 Premium Product offers extreme durability, high efficiency, long life, serviceability, safety, and a 15 year commercial/industrial simple exchange warranty.

15 Year Commercial/Industrial Exchange Warranty

T8 4' High Efficiency (Efficacy) Lamps Industrial/Commercial Grade

UL Type C (External Driver System)

Type C Lights use an external (Remote) driver to power the LED. The ballasts are removed, which means electrical modifications are required. However, the operation is safer, since the low-voltage driver is hooked up to the sockets and NOT the line voltage.

One driver can power multiple LED tubes. This system is similar to how LFL's operate now (ballast and lamps). The fixture input wires must be connected to the sockets before installing the new LED tubes.

One driver for 1, 2, 3, or 4 LED tubes are available.

Construction Materials:

*Lightweight Aluminum Heat Sink Housing provides strength and durability.

*Polycarbonate Shatterproof Lens.

*Suitable for use with Non-Shunted Sockets and Shunted Sockets.


*cETLus Listed

*DLC Listed, qualifying for most energy rebates

Electrical System:

*Input Voltage: 100-277V AC AC,50/60HZ

*Power Factor: >.95 *Power Efficiency: >.88

Highly Compatible:

*Virtually and fluorescent fixture can be modified to work with these lights.

Increased Functionality:

*They are Dimmable and work wonderfully with lighting control systems.

Most Efficient:

*Type C's are more efficient than any other T8 LED Tubes

Most Expensive Option, why?:

*Similar to UL Type B tubes, these lights require more extensive installation and also cost more because you are buying more components. However, this product is serviceable, and can be maintained many years past the 15 year warranty, as they are designed to last beyond 100,000 hours. This allows for many years of energy savings over our competitors "throw away" products.

3 Models available:

13 Watt 2,020 Lumen (2,3,4 Lamp Systems)

18 Watt 2,160 Lumen (1,2,3 Lamp Systems)

22 Watt 3,430 Lumen (2,3,4 Lamp Systems)

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