Linkable LED T8 4ft 72w **Triac Dimmable** 10,944 Lumen Clear Lens (NO – Omni-Ray Lighting, Inc.

Linkable LED T8 4ft 72w **Triac Dimmable** 10,944 Lumen Clear Lens (NO RF) Quad-Row V-Series w/Hardware

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 *MAXIMUM OF 4 UNITS LINKED TOGETHER (also look at the max wattage of the dimmer)

** Triac Dimming system must be used - Dimmer Maximum LED Wattage Load should be within +-10% of the LED Max Load specification for the dimmer used, the overall Max Load of the dimmer (Incandescent, CFL, Etc.) is not the same as the LED Max Load

We recommend 8 or more Lumens Per Cubic Foot for efficient lighting.

Length x Width x Height x 8 = Minimum recommended Lumens

** Divide that total lumen by the lamp of your choice lumen output, and this will give you your lamp count needed for that product in your area +-5%

EXAMPLE: 40'W x 60'L x 12'H = 28,800 cu. ft. x 8 = 230,400 Divided by (72w 8' V-Series 10,944 lumens) 21.05 lamps - Our contractors typically use 3 rows of 7 in this space running one down the center, and the 2 outside rows 8' off the side walls.

This is our newest High Output Integrated Series product.  This model features a Quad-Row LED configuration using 72 watts for an astounding 10,944 lumens of throw at 270°

Great for 12-20' ceilings or where you want a lot of light

- Designed for lighting in continuous rows (See Lighting Chart), for less than Retail/Production Level Lighting, space between lamps (Link Cords from 1'-6.5' in the Lighting Accessories Section)

 - - These lights are very bright and are not recommended for low mounting heights, look for this model in FROSTED LENS for lower mounting heights

- Instant On in cold conditions, like coolers, meat prep, garages, pole barns, etc.

- The New innovative design includes Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware and Quad-Row 270° Projection.  Looks and performs as a high end, Commercial/Industrial LED product should.  Use in work shops, utility sheds, utility and laundry rooms, etc.   

- Our Quad Row V-Series lights provide excellent 270° lumen projection, using few watts, and are designed to replace inefficient High Output fluorescent/magnetic ballast systems using multiple lamps. 

- Easy to install, offering end to end, continuous run installation, up to 4 in the run.

T8 4' 
72 Watt
Cree LED's
10,944 Lumens Clear Cover
85-265V Triac Dimmable Driver  (Commonly Used LED Dimmer)
152 Lumens Per Watt - High Efficacy System with Superior Driver Technology
5500-6000K 85+ CRI White is standard, other Kelvin may be available by special order
W/Nylon Mounting Hardware
Direct Wire Cord (Whip)
Linking Plug for Daisy Chaining up to 3 Units (1-5 Foot Linking Cords Available, and 3-Prong Cords in our lighting accessories section)
Socket Cap
Certification: UL Listed 
Industrial/Commercial Grade 
Interlinking for continuous runs of up to 3 units
400 watt Fluorescent Equivalent 
85+ CRI
Instant Start In Cold Conditions
No Flicker or Hum
Aluminum/Polycarbonate Construction
12 Year Warranty