ET-NF Electronic Noise Filter (LED Lighting Noise Filter, Radio, TV, etc.)

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RC snubber/electronic noise filter, features plastic construction for long life. It can be used for AC circuit rated at 24 - 277-Volts, 50/60-Hz and offers perfect solution for electronic noise, regardless of application. This filter offers relay contact protection, noise circuit reduction and EMI/RFI reduction.

Problem: Issues with electronic noise in the LED Lighting Industry.  Because the LED Lighting Industry uses more advanced microprocessor controls inside LED Lighting, the potential for electronic noise is becoming more prevalent. Some electronic noise causes breakers to trip or causes control systems to have intermittent responses.

What is electronic noise? Electronic noise is a by-product of electronic controls. For the past several decades, old mechanical technology has been replaced with high efficiency, electronic equipment, such as: • LED drivers, instead of line voltage or low voltage tungsten/arc tube lighting • Variable speed motors or drives, instead of single speed loads • All of this new equipment contains microprocessors or “electronics” that produce inaudible, high frequency, electronic noise, or very simply put, interference.

This can cause nuisance tripping of breakers and scrambled or blocked signaling between equipment. Solution: ET-NF Electronic Noise Filter is the solution for electronic noise, regardless of application, is a noise filter.

The ET-NF is an AC filter network that provides relay contact protection, noise circuit reduction and EMI/RFI reduction. It can be used on any AC circuit from 24 to 277 Volts, 50/60 Hz.

It is a simple solution to a very common problem. Common Wiring Diagrams The ET-NF should be placed across the source of the noise, such as across the coil of a relay or it can also be placed across the line connections to the device being protected.