LED RETROFIT LIGHTING (E39, E40 Socket Mount) - HPS, MH, HID REPLACEMENT - 8 Year Exchange Warranty

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LED Retrofit kit: 30W/40W/60W/80W/1OOW/120W/150W

Directional lamps for industrial and commercial fixture applications: For use in wall pack, gas station canopy, shoe box, or cobra head fixtures.


  • 80% Energy savings over HID lamp systems
  • 50,000 hours rated lifetime
  • 170° Beam Angle
  • Pure aluminum base using air convection engineering to speed up heat dissipation 
  • Thermoplastic Engineering Polymer surface treatment enhances heat dissipation.
  • 340 degree ROTATABLE wide-angle lamp holder.
  • 150 Lumens Per Watt High photosynthetic efficiency
  • Emits no UV light, and contains no mercury(Hg).
  • Replaces HID, MH, HPS  
  • Dust and Fire-Proof, IP54.