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100 watt, 200 Watt, 300 watt Solar Flood Light - Cast Aluminum w/Brackets and Solar Panel - Programmable/Remote Included

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Our LED Solar Flood Light provides no pollution, energy saving and environmental protection solar light. The shape and installation is same with traditional flood lights, but it's Solar. These lights are available in 100 Watt,  200 Watt, and 300 Watt. Waterproof IP66, for outdoor night light applications of Patio, Deck, Yard, Garden, and more.

If you are looking for a robust, heavy duty, commercial/industrial grade solar Flood Light this is your product


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Product Features:

  • 1. Built-in photoelectric sensor, Auto-on/Off Dusk to Dawn, Remote Programmable

  • 2. Easy to install, waterproof, dustproof and durable

  • 3. No pollution, energy saving and environmental protection

  • 4. Build-in Lithium iron phosphate battery, high-temperature resistance and long lifespan

  • 5. IP66 waterproof grade, all aluminum lamp body, aluminum alloy frame + tempered glass solar panel, not afraid of the wind and sun and rain


Product Specifications:

  • - Solar Street Light Work Time: More than 20 hours after fully charged (Half Lighting Mode) See Photo's of each model for run time by model

  • - Color temperature: 6500K

  • - Charging Time: 5-8 Hours

  • - Waterproof Level: IP66

  • - Control mode: Light sensor+ Remote control

  • - Remote control distance: 25ft

  • - Connecting Wire between Light and Panel: 16.5ft

  • - Material: ABS/ Aluminum

  • - Working Temperature: -25℃-60℃

  • Note:

  • 1. Once the ON/OFF mode key is pressed, the automatic light control will be turned off.

  • 2. If you want to turn on the light automatically at night and turn off the light automatically during the day, you need to press the AUTO key to activate the light control switch. Otherwise, the solar panel will not automatically turn on the light at night.

  • 3. Solar panel should be placed where can receive maximum sunlight directly.

  • 4. Illumination time depends on the weather, seasons, places, etc