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8 Foot LED Shop Lights

G13 - R17d - Fa8 - 12 year warranty

8 Foot LED Shop Lights

Replace your old 8 ft fluorescent tubes with brand new LED lighting, 8 foot led shop lights, fa8, or r17d, in any style including single pin, we have everything you need to make a seamless upgrade. No additional wiring!

Why Upgrade to LED Tubes?

LED lights use less energy than halogen or fluorescent systems. LED lights consume 10 times less energy than incandescent bulbs and 3 times less energy than fluorescent tubes. You can save on maintenance costs. Those costs include time to report the light outage, the material for repairing non-functional lights, and labor for the replacement.


Our LED shop lights are NO RF. What is NO RF you ask? All T8 LED bulbs we sell have a RF (Radio Frequency) filtering system within the driver in each unit. RF interference is a fairly common problem in high output linear lighting, due to “RF Noise” in the AC line feeding the light. This problem creates “static” in radio reception as well as garage opening remote control performance issue. Thanks to our advanced technology you will never have to worry about that problem and this feature costs you nothing extra compared to our competitors!

High Output

They are high output and work great at mounting heights from 8 ft to 25 ft depending on the model you choose. As long as you choose the right model and install them properly the T8 LED bulbs will actually light your workshop much better than a high bay. Since you have rows of lights going across the entire garage you won’t have any dark spots or shadows that can be caused by only having a few lamps lighting an entire warehouse, this is accomplished using the V-shaped LED tube that has 2 or 4 rows of LEDs mounted in a V pattern which provides more uniform illumination to your shop.

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