Why You Should Use LED Shop Lights for Your Shop!

Why You Should Use LED Shop Lights for Your Shop!

LED Lights for your Shop

When looking to light your workshop, garage, or even warehouse there are many options to choose from, probably so many that it becomes pretty overwhelming to try and weigh the differences and make the correct choice. Well, I’m here today to make the decision easy and tell you why the linkable LED tubes are not only the most cost-effective choice but the easiest ones to install as well. You win both ways!

First off when making the decision on what kind of linkable LED shop light to go with when comparing fluorescent and LED it’s a no brainer. Our linkable LED shop light has a much higher efficiency rate and life span compared to any fluorescent on the market. On top of our much easier installation process, going with LED for your shop light is the de facto best choice. Rather than replace your T8 fluorescent lamp with T8 LED replacement bulbs, install a new fixture at the low cost of a T8 lamp using our integrated T8 linkable model, no retrofit required, and better light distribution!

But why go with a linkable bulb in the first place when there are so many kinds of lamps to choose from? The T8 linkable LED lights can do just as much if not

T8 Linkable LED Lightsmore than a high bay or standard light bulb for a much cheaper price, on top of being much easier to install if you choose linkable LEDs. They are high output and work great at mounting heights from 8 ft to 25 ft depending on the model you choose. As long as you choose the right model and install them properly the T8 LED bulbs will actually light your workshop much better than a high bay. Since you have rows of lights going across the entire garage you won’t have any dark spots or shadows that can be caused by only having a few lamps lighting an entire warehouse, this is accomplished using the V-shaped LED tube that has 2 or 4 rows of LEDs mounted in a V pattern which provides more uniform illumination to your shop.






 One problem with the average T8 LED lights available in the marketplace is the radio interference issue caused by standard driver systems. Omni-Ray Lighting’s exclusive NO RF provides additional electronics to filter RF signals

NO RF LED T8 Workshop Lights

that interrupt remote control operation, cause radio, blue tooth, and Wi-Fi interference in your shop. For some people this is not a issue such as in industrial situations but I’m sure for most of us its almost impossible to get a good day of work done without cranking on our favorite radio station in the shop, some might even say it’s a complete deal breaker. Our LED shop lights are NO RF. What is NO RF you ask? All T8 LED bulbs we sell have a RF (Radio Frequency) filtering system within the driver in each unit. RF interference is a fairly common problem in high output linear lighting, due to “RF Noise” in the AC line feeding the light. This problem creates “static” in radio reception as well as garage opening remote control performance issue. Thanks to our advanced technology you will never have to worry about that problem and this feature costs you nothing extra compared to our competitors!

Let’s go over our linkable design and explain why it’s the best and easiest option for LED lamps in your shop. Not only is linking each light together extremely


LED Workshop tubes NO RF

simple and intuitive but it has the added benefit of reducing the number of electric outlets needed to power your LED lamps. Each bulb is connected by a power cord to one another creating a daisy chain to the end. The only issue being you can only connect so many lights in a row before the chain is too long and you need to start a new one due to the power limitation and safety concern.  All our T8 linkable LED lights come with standard mounting, AC whip, and linking hardware, as well as several cord and other accessories available to make your installation job even easier for you.

Lastly when deciding what kind of bulb to buy and how many, we recommend 8-10 lumens per cubic foot when selecting your model. Calculate L x W x H x 8 then divide by the lumen output of the lamp selected, then install in rows every 10-12 feet starting 6-8 feet off the side walls with rows landing within 3-5 feet to the wall.  

Now that you've seen what we can offer come check out our wide variety of different shop light options, I think we know which one you'll want to go with. Click Here





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